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HC 400

They represent hot chamber machines for the die-casting of alloys of Zamak and Lead (Pb) which enable to obtain high-level results. These machines are equipped with a high-heat insulation gas or electrical casting basin in order to reduce the consumption of energy and consequently to protect the environment. Always in search of innovation and taking care of the Quality that characterizes our Products, the ongoing development of our plan enables us to bring in satisfactory Products in the foundries of our Customers.

Weight Kg 12500
Overall size (mm) L 6210
Overall size (mm) D 2305
Overall size (mm) H 3055
Max installed power KW 100
Pump motor power KW 22 max
Electric turnace power KW 60
Crucible Kg 1400(1700)
Clamping force Ton/KN 405(3973)
Central ejection force Ton/KN 17,5(171,7)
Movable platen stroke mm 570
Min/max die height mm 200/700
Central ejector stroke mm 150
Platens size(mm) mm 950
Platens size(mm) mm 940
Distance within the tie-bars mm 600x600
Tie-bar diameter mm 120
Max adjustable injection force Ton/KN 17,2/168,6
Max cast weight (Zn) Kg 7,1 (min 2,5)
Max/min D container mm 95/70
Shot positions 0-60-120
Max cast area (160 kg/cmq) cmq 2500
Dry cycles N/1 10