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CF 280

They represent cold chamber machines for the die-casting of alloys of Aluminium (Al), Brass (Cu-Zn) and Magnesium (Mg) with injection features and high standards. Our machines can also be equipped with all the peripheral devices essential for a high-quality production. Heart of all the production islands, our machine that combines with all the peripheral devices, offers high productivity levels with excellent quality and an outstanding preformance.

Weight Kg 13000
Overall size (mm) L 6100
Overall size (mm) D 1835
Overall size (mm) H 2610
Max installed power KW 25
Pump motor power KW 22
Clamping force Ton/KN 285/2796
Central ejection force Ton/KN 14,3/140,1
Movable platen stroke mm 510 (310min)
Min/max die height mm 200/650
Central ejector stroke mm 150
Platens size(mm) mm 840
Platens size(mm) mm 830
Distance within the tie-bars mm 545x545
Tie-bar diameter mm 105
Max adjustable injection force Ton/KN 38,7/379,6
Max cast weight (AI) Kg 3,2
Shot positions mm 0-100-200
Max cast area (400 kg/cmq) cmq 713